Services We Provide

Pet Treatment

Pet Treatment

We’re committed to helping pets lead longer, healthier lives by providing health

Pet Training

Pet Training

We offer training in categories of, Puppy Training, Beginner training, intermediate, advanced and dog therapy training

Pet Veterinary

Pet Veterinary

Vaccination, illness treatment and more, at an affordable price.

Your pet, our passion

We Love your Pet

Health Care

Visit us for vaccination, and grooming to keep your pet healthy

Medicine Services

At all our branches, we have fully stocked medicine shelves to ensure your pet lives in happiness

Dental Care

For pet dental care, We are always there to help when you need us.

Emergency Support

We are at your service when your pet experiences a sudden illness, bleeding and more.

Advice pick!

Why your pet’s nose looks wet all the time

A common misconception is that your dog’s wet nose is a sign of good health. In reality, the moisture on Fido’s nose is no indication of their overall well-being. The reason for a dog’s wet nose is a little murkier. One explanation is that dogs repeatedly lick their nose throughout the day to keep it clean. Another is that the moisture helps them cool off. Dogs don’t sweat the way humans do, so they pant and let off extra heat through their noses. A special gland in the nose produces a clear fluid that helps them cool down faster


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