dog training

We train puppies starting from 4 weeks (potty training), from 6 months and above. The training we offer is categorised as below:

1. Obedience; we train and ensure proper obedience whereby all puppies that undergo this training come out when they are obedient and ready to be part of your family and work under the control of the caretaker with minimum supervision which is easy to handle, we prefer your pet to go under this training. Vocal communication; Words are relatively difficult to learn. They can learn to associate words with actions, but many repetitions are needed before they understand exactly what is required. It is not a natural communication method for them and, consequently, honours who rely solely on word commands will find it more difficult to communicate effectively with their dogs.

2 .Aggressiveness; We train your dog to be ready to attack any stranger who intends to intrude.

Poison proving; This helps the dog to detect any poisonous food thrown into the compound by strangers.

4.Sniffing; Dogs' sense of smell is incredible by our standards, not only do they have many more cells in their nose f or detecting different smells, but these cells are of better quality and the part of their brain that receives the information is more developed. This allows dogs to detect and identify a much wider variety of scents at lower concentrations, such as bombs, pistols etc that are hidden.