Pet services

Is it a play date, illness or does your pet require special grooming?

We got you covered.


Health Treatment

For vaccination, preventive care and grooming to keep your pet healthy. Jimtex is your companion.

Food Services.

We have a variety of pet food from dried to canned healthy foods..

Dogie Toys

Find every kind  of toy  for every dog. we have variety, from soft plush toys to balls and just more

Pet Veterinary

When your best friend accidentally becomes ill, we are there, when you need any other service from, vaccination, treatment. We are there.

Care Advice

From our experienced staff, we have all you need.

Whether you are a first time pet owner or looking for more info about pet care.. we got you covered

Dog Boarding

We provide a safe, fun environment for group play or one-on one time with a staff member, simultaneously offering all dogs their own room for privacy, comfort and a little “me time.”


Pet Training

Puppy Training , Beginner training, intermediate training, Advanced training & therapy dog training.

Jimtex Pet World is the best when it comes to pet services

All services are affordably accessible and reliable.

We Love your Pet

Health Care
Medicine Services


Dental Care
Emergency Support

We are at your service when your pet experiences a sudden illness, bleeding and more.